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#183: Check archives in srpm for binary files
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Comment(by scop):

 Yeah, *.jar, *.class, *.pyc, *.pyo, ELF binaries etc are candidates for
 this check.  But IIRC there's no code to deal with unpacking various
 source archives in place yet in rpmlint so it might be a bit of work,
 needs to be able to deal with nested archives etc.

 But more importantly, emitting such a warning could lead to packagers
 starting to "clean up"/repackage source archives which is considered
 greater evil at least in some environments than such files in archives as
 it makes source tracking/verification harder. It's fine to just ensure
 those files are not used (e.g. by removing them in %prep).

 I'm not saying that this check cannot be added to rpmlint if someone is
 interested in working on it, but things aren't quite black and white and
 at least there needs to be a way to disable this check and the info
 message needs some thought.

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