[JPackage-discuss] Believe it or not: Maven is our friend!

Fernando Nasser fnasser at redhat.com
Wed Jul 27 16:17:57 CEST 2005

Hi David,

David Walluck wrote:
> Fernando Nasser <fnasser at redhat.com> wrote:
>> _ The versions of dependencies are clearly stated: no need to look at
>> sometime outdated or even inexistent project dependency web pages.
> But source code is not provided in a maven repo. In fact, there are 
> binaries in
> the maven repo for which (1) no sources seem to exist anymore (2) a 
> commercial
> license is required, so we can't legally distribute them, but somehow maven
> manages to (I hope legally).

You misunderstood me.  Not the 'repositories".  I am not defending on 
fetching jars from anywhere, only grab them from _javadir (working as a 
maven local file: repository).  The jar files still come from our RPM 
builds as always.

>> We only need to come up with an easier way to make the adaptation of jar
>> file names.
> This I agree on. There needs to be (1) a *much* easier way to build a maven
> project than by extensive patching of xml files (2) a way to use (or at 
> least
> fake) a repository for any given mavenized package such that it uses 
> rpm-based
> resolution or file-based resolution in /usr/share/java.

It is already much better in the new maven package.  Now it fetches jars 
from _javadir

>> But perhaps after this integration we could reconsider.  Not as a
>> replacement for installing RPMs -- our packages and RPM-based systems
>> would not fetch things from there.  But it would allow:
> Normal use of maven should still be supported in some way. I think that if
> /usr/share/java could be treated as a repo somehow without doing anything
> special, then this would work out by simply mirroring /usr/share/java
> someplace.

It must be a http served directory, I think.  It would be a question of 
configuring our Apache server.   But I don't know much about the maven 
repository, we need to ask Deepak.


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