[JPackage-discuss] Proposal for IBM JVM packaging changes

Carwyn Edwards carwyn at carwyn.com
Thu Mar 25 05:27:35 CET 2004

Thomas Fitzsimmons wrote:

>What was a nightmare?  
Dealing with the default jpackage font.properties being very broken on 
RH9 and FC1 was a nightmare.

I did some digging in the gmane archives:


Le ven 17/10/2003 à 03:26, Carwyn Edwards a écrit :

>> Why is there a custom font.properties again? Why can't we just run with 
>> the JDK defaults? There's probably a good reason but I don't know what 
>> it is so I'm asking 

1. We want a centralised font.properties so app aspect do not change
radically when one switches jvm
2. most vendor font.properties assume 75dpi screens which breaks on most
modern hardware
3. we want java to work without the java fonts installed ie pick up the
system fonts if possible, including ms corefonts.
4. we want java to wotk with modern non iso-8859-1 text

Now these are not overly wild requirements, isn't it ?

Nicolas Mailhot

>Yes, I've read some of the previous discussions; I seem to remember the
>thread asking why font.properties broke the default fonts trailing off
>with no resolution.
Not being able to find a default that suited everyone was the problem. 
The stock JDK font.properties are themselves broken for some things. 
Various autogeneration approaches were suggested for font.properties 
then someone came up with a version using only the JDK fonts that seemed 
to work but since that didn't make it in I assume there was a problem 
with that too.

There was also a vague hope that Java 1.5 would use fontconfig and solve 
everything :-) (no such luck).

Personally (well and all the machines at work) I use the 
font.properties.Redhat8.0 with the Sun JDK.


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