[JPackage-discuss] Please _always_ keep a package without version number in the name

Henri Gomez hgomez at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Mar 24 18:06:34 CET 2004

Fernando Nasser wrote:

> Carwyn Edwards wrote:
>> A valid reason for needing the two users would be that on a given 
>> machine you may have an instance of TC3 and another of TC4 with user 
>> based access to some data that you don't want to be available through 
>> an application that's  running on one or other of the application 
>> servers.
>> There are better ways of controlling this kind of data access than 
>> using the user/group that the application server is running as though.
> Exactly.  It is a site specific need/customization anyway.

Well I'd like to heard advices and opinions from Mandrake and
Suse people on these point.

JPackage was designed to be cross-distribution compatible, so
we need a consensus here.

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